Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need hepatitis B+C testing?

We are required to test for hepatitis b+c if the patient is a healthcare professional or has extensive tattoos or piercings. The test costs an additional fee of £120.

What is an upfront medical?

An upfront medical is when you have not lodged your visa application. We set up the medical online and generate a reference number.

How long will I be at the medical centre?

The appointment can take up to 2 hours on the day.

What are the processing times?

Normally, we process medicals within 5-10 days, usually within the same week. If you are on a more urgent time scale then please contact us.

Are you eMedical enabled and are passport photos required?

Yes, we are eMedical enabled. We carry out the medicals online electronically. We do not require passport photos.

Is it cheaper for a healthcare professional?

Healthcare professionals are required to undergo Hepatitis B and C blood tests. There is an additional fee for these tests.

Do you have x-ray facilities on site?

Yes, x-rays are carried out on site.

Has the centre got parking facilites?

Yes, we have a small car park. Parking is also available close to the medical centre.

Is the centre accessible?

Yes, the centre is wheelchair accessible.
Most of our facilities are on the ground floor however a lift is available if required.

Can I have an interpreter for the medical test?

Yes we can provide an interpreter if required.  Although family members or friends can accompany you on the day of the Medical, they cannot act as an interpreter for you. Please inform us if an interpreter is required. Fees for Interpreters – £53.65 – For 2 hours.

Can I book an appointment during my menstruation cycle?

Women should avoid booking an appointment during their menstruation cycle as this may taint their urine sample. If attending during this time it is likely that your urine test will have blood present and that you will have to come back at a future date to have your urine re-checked.

Are Discretionary tests carried out in the clinic?

Discretionary tests may be carried out at the clinic if clinically indicated. These will be priced on the day of your medical examination.

Do I have to take my clothes off for an x-ray?

Applicants will be required to undress for their chest x-ray.  You will be provided with a gown to change into and a chaperone will be available if required.

What to expect on the day of my appointment?

On the day of your medical, you will be greeted by our Immigration Team who will check your identity and discuss the process with you.  You will meet one of our nurses or care, assistants who will check your vision, blood pressure, weight, height and urine test. They will also take your blood test. Over the age of 15, this will normally be for HIV and Syphilis screening. 

It is also to check your kidney function. Certain clients may be required to undertake extra Hepatitis B/C Screening.  If you are unsure about whether you may need this, please contact our team. In rare cases, a blood test is required under the age of 15. 

You will meet one of our panel doctors who will go through your medical history and then conduct a physical examination. 

If a Chest X-Ray is required for TB screening you may meet one of our radiographers who will undertake this for you. This is routinely required from the age of 11. For more information on X-rays Click Here   

How long is the appointment?

In most cases, the process is quick however certain cases can take longer depending on your medical history age and health. We ask clients to set aside 2 hours for the appointment.

When can I expect my X-Ray and Blood test reports?

Your X-Ray will be reported by one of the panels approved radiologists and submitted online. Blood samples are sent off-site to the reference lab for testing. On receipt of these results, they will be uploaded before review and final sign off by our panel physician.

What if my X-Ray and Blood test are not normal? 

If in case of abnormal findings at the time of your medical the panel doctor will inform you at the time. Should any issues arise from your X-ray or blood testing the panel physician will contact you directly.

Can I book an appointment without an IME number?

In that case, we can carry out an upfront medical.

How do I cancel my appointment?

If you need to cancel your appoinment for any reason, please get in touch with us. Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page.

If you cannot attend please let us know 48 hours before your appointment, otherwise, a fee of £80 to £100 for administration costs will be charged.